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Battle for Samobor

After death Albert II of Habsburg conflict started between nobles loyal to queen Elisabeth II and her son Ladislas the Posthumous (Ladislav IV) and those who wanted to see Vladislaus III of Vrana (Vladislav I. Jagelovi?) in throne of Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia.Several bloody battles occurred between two factions at the same time while kingdom was under Ottoman attacks. Battle of Samobor was fought between mercenary troops of count Ulrich II of Celje under command of Czech mercenary, veteran of Hussite wars, Jan Wittoweczen (Ivan Vitovec) against troops of king Vladislaus under command of Stephan BŠnffy (Stjepan Bani?). Kings troops were made of mixed feudal and mercenary detachments from Hungary, Croatia and probably Poland they also had wagon laager, tactic picked up from Hussite wars. Size of armies is unclear but kings troops should be no more then 2-3,000.

Although more numerous kings troops were quickly defeated in short battle after there attempt to attack Wittoweczen troops over broken ground which negated there numbers and heavy cavalry all this with lack of discipline over mercenaries troops proved fatal.After the battle Wittoweczen proceeded to capture wagon laager and large amount of loot, amongst prisoner were Stephan BŠnffy, duke von Lindau etc. With death of queen Elisabeth in the following year Ulrich released prisoners made peace with king who was killed in battle of Vrana only two years later.

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