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Dugi otok

Dugi otok is isle in Zadar region of Dalmatia.It can be reached by ferry boat from Zadar(1,5 hours)

Veli Rat lighthouse.


Boarding on the morning ferry to Brbinj was successfull. We leave Zadar behind us, and for only an hour and a half ride we arrive at the island.

We don’t know much about the island, but we are ready to explore because we love the unknown.
Our destination is the town of Sali, the largest town on Dugi otok.
Sali is a fishing village where we buy fresh fish and tasty bread.
Local enthusiasts are really trying to get their guests' entertainment. Entertainment includes concerts, donkey races, screenings of films.
It is necessary to mention Sali library where everyone is welcome and can use it whenever he wants, especially when the sun is high.
We are located on a hill above the town and the view from the terrace on the sea and islands close to incalculable.
Breakfast and coffee are served at the table at which w spread the map of the island and plan daily bike route.
Dugi otok is fragmented into two parts: the northern part of the first, and south on the other side of the map.
Since we are located in the south first we visit the Nature Park Telaš?ica and salt lake Mir.
As we cycle toward Telaš?ica we meeonly few cars and on our left side we see boats and yachts anchored along the coast.
Arriving at Telaš?ica we are faced with the right kind of crowd rarely seen on the island.
Here you can hear many foreign languages ??and anchored many excursion boats that the coast and other islands put the tourists on day trips.
Cliffs on the south side of the island leave us breathless and
view towards the open sea seems unreal.
The northern part of the island is suitable for a family holiday. Sandy beaches and crystal clear and calm waters are a real lure for lying.
We love the hidden coves and quiet kind on Dugi otok a lot, and we found one in the far north, in Veli Rat.
Here we made photos and swim in the clearest water in which it casts the shadow of the lighthouse.
After two weeks getting to know the island, several flat tires and full of beautiful memories we leave the island on which we will return to see a lot of things we didn’t have time for.


dugi otok

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