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Zadar in photos

Zadar with its 3000 years old history really offers a lot. Walking throw the streets can be like a journey to the history of Zadar, every step you take you can lead to some of the oldest churces or monuments, but it can be a journey throw the 21. century.
Zadar is center of north Dalmacia; cultural, political, business... Zadar is right destination for recreation, relaxation and fun. Zadar has really rich life whether is day or night. In summer Zadar offers really a lot like many festivals ( The Music night in Saint Donat, Zadar's theatrical summers, The festival of " Morskih orgulja" , KalelargArt- Street art festival, Zadar of dreams, The Garden festival, Nights of full moons...)
Access capability with air, sea and land makes Zadar even better destination.One of the best things in Zadar is sunset which Alfred Hitchcock said that is the most beatiful in world. Intact nature, clean sea, islands that are around Zadar attracts many tourist to visit Zadar and come back."Morske orgulje" or in translation sea organs marks Zadar. "Morske orgulje" works on waves. Their location is on Zadar's waterfront.Mediterranean climate brings summers average temperature of 25 C, and in winters 7 C, in summers the sea is on 25C.

Zadar photogallery

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